Voices Of Veterans And Their Families

Veterans and their family members share the personal experiences of their service and how they honor those who have served.

Vicki Englund

Vicki Englund is the daughter of a Vietnam Veteran, small business owner, and a former member of the Missouri Legislature.

In 2012, she became aware the Missouri Treasurer’s Office was the custodian of approximately 97 lost military medals.  Under Missouri law, if someone stops paying for a safety deposit box, the bank turns over its contents to the Treasurer’s Office as unclaimed property. 

In 2013, Vicki Englund was responsible for the passage of House Bill 702 with unanimous, bipartisan support.  This bill gave new tools to the Missouri Treasurer’s Office to return over 100 military medals to the heroes who earned them, or their families.

Vicki Englund is now a candidate for the Missouri State Treasurer’s office.  She continues to believe her state and country has an obligation and responsibility to honor and support our veterans.

Sherri Ewing-Rahmanop

Sherri Ewing-Rahmanop has written about the loss of her husband, Walt, a 30-year veteran of the United States Coast Guard to the Veteran Suicide Epidemic.

Her book – Alaska’s Wild Gourmet: A memoir, told through recipes, of a warrior child returning to Alaska cloaked in a chef’s coat – is told through mouth-watering recipes and edge of your seat stories that begin on the darkest night of Sherri’s soul with Walt’s suicide.

Walt, a USCG Master Chief (E-9) took his life in November of 2015.

Alaska’s Wild Gourmet has been a #1 bestseller list on Amazon. It is available in Kindle format, hard cover and soft cover, with a range of pricing.

This book can benefit veterans, their families, those afflicted by PTSD, and victims of trauma.

Sherri Ewing-Rahmanop travels full time in her RV, going from military base to military base sharing her story and her life with Walt.

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