Save The Vets Sponsors, Donors, and Friends

Save The Vets can’t exist without the generosity and dedication of its sponsors, donors, and friends.

Our staff are volunteers.  Our funding comes from donations and crowd sourcing.  We would like to recognize and thank those who gave of their time and money to help and support at risk veterans find a way to make it to tomorrow.





10Web donated their Photo Gallery WordPress Plugin for this website.

Please consider them for website needs.

Excel add in software.

We use Ablebits to process our Excel data for this website.  It turns what Microsoft can make into a 20 MINUTE ordeal into a simple 20 SECOND task.

What we like most about Ablebits is the way they have converted the cranky formulas Microsoft forces you to use to crunch your spreadsheet data into simple buttons.  If you need to trim spaces, click on the button.  If you need to merge columns, click on the button; and so on.

Ablebits gives you a 30 day free trial of the full version.  It’s worth installing.

The Contact Forms on this website are offered and supported by Code People.

PDF Architect 7 offers more freedom in connection with known features that have proved their value. At the same time, new features are perfectly supplementing them in order to help you make the most of your PDF editor.

We use this software in sharing legislative documents with Members of Congress in our efforts to end the Veteran Suicide Epidemic

piZap is a fun and easy way to make photo collages, decorate images, and share with friends. 1000’s of stickers, borders, backgrounds and collages.

We think it’s the most complete set of image editor tools available.


Issuewire empowers business owners, Press Release Distribution site to distribute meaningful news. Issuewire is a leading provider of media services and website to marketing and public relations professionals. We offer press release distribution services and publish in more than 150+ media outlets for clients. Our planning and strategies help our clients reach maximum people based on the reliability of information. It impacts the audiences as well as the environment around them.

IssueWire has donated press release service allowing us to inform at risk veterans, and their families, that help and support is available for them.


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