How You Can Help A Veteran

Save The is a group of volunteers intent on ending the veteran suicide epidemic and crisis. Our 501(c)(3) status is pending, and we do not have any paid staff.

The veterans we support don’t want a hand out, but sometimes they need a hand up. Please consider doing so by choosing to do one or more of the following.

Support and Advocate Volunteer Donate Sponsor

Support and Advocate

Join the Veteran Support Brigade Email Your Elected Representatives
Spread The Word Buy Vet

Email Your Elected Representatives

Make your voice heard by advocating for veterans.

Click HERE to send your two United States Senators and Member of Congress an email encouraging them to begin taking the veteran suicide epidemic and crisis seriously, and support the MEDIVAC Act (a new page will open). To review the veteran suicide epidemic or the MEDIVAC Act, click on them and a new page will open. The process takes less than 5 minutes.

Then, ask the same of your family and friends. In less time than the average combat engagement in Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Grenada, or Vietnam you can support our veterans in a way Congress will understand. Your voice and interest.

Spread The Word

Please visit our Save The Vets Facebook Page and support our vets. A new window will open. Each LIKE, SHARE, and FOLLOW helps us get the word out the Veteran Suicide Epidemic and Crisis.

Then, INVITE your friends to LIKE, SHARE, and FOLLOW; too. It’s easy.

1) Go to your Page and click COMMUNITY in the left column. You might have to click SEE MORE or SEE ALL FRIENDS.

2) In the right column, click INVITE YOUR FRIENDS or SEE ALL FRIENDS.

3) Click SELECT ALL and then SEND INVITES.

All of your friends will receive your invitation to LIKE Save The Vets.

Then ask them to do the same.

EACH LIKE and SHARE gets the word out and MIGHT save a life. YOU can make a difference. There are at risk vets counting on you.



Patronizing veteran owned businesses and veteran produced products is a great way to support veterans. Visit our Books Written By Veterans Page to support veteran authors. A new window will open.

Check here often for new products and services available to be purchased from veterans.

If you’re a veteran and want your product or service listed on our website, please contact us using this FORM. A new page will open.

Join The Veteran Support Brigade

Supporting at risk veterans can be fun, and rewarding.

The Veteran Support Brigade allows you to earn your stripes, and then command rank.

Assist your friends to encourage our elected representatives to propose, support, and pass legislation which would hold VA managers PERSONALLY accountable for any neglect or abuse of veterans in their care which causes or contributes to another veteran suicide.


The Veteran Support Brigade is your way to make a difference, and have your voice be heard.

All new members will earn their Sergeant Stripes when they join and send an email to their elected representatives through the easy to use form on our website. Click HERE to visit the Page.

You will earn promotions all the way to Brigadier General based upon the number of others you assist in doing the same. If you like, your name and rank will be posted on Save The Vets Facebook Page and our website.

This is an election year and our representatives are very sensitive to what voters are willing to take a moment to tell them. Join the fun, there are at risk vets counting on you.


We currently need assistance with

  • Congressional Outreach – sending messages through your Facebook Page to elected representatives requesting they support the cause
  • Educational Outreach – gathering and organizing information regarding benefits available for veterans including, education, employment, housing, financial aid, legal support, and treatment options.
  • Commercial Outreach – contacting companies and requesting they donate the services we need and obtaining information regarding any Veteran discounts they might offer.
  • Web Development – we need WordPress experienced and talented web development help.

We’ll supply you easy to follow instructions for the outreach work. It doesn’t require special skills, just a desire to make a difference.

Please use the FORM, below, to contact us.

Unfortunately, it cost money to run a website. Save The depends on the dedication and selflessness of its volunteers to support veterans and assist you in getting your voice heard by Congress.

VETERANS’ LIVES MATTER, and each at risk veteran we can reach might save a life.

Even though all of our staff are volunteers, we still have recurring expenses. Our recurring expenses include website hosting, development, and maintenance. Until our non profit status is finalized, we ask you to please limit any monetary donations to $25 or less.

  • $5 pays for an internet ad for a week to inform a veteran
  • $10 pays for an internet ad for two weeks to inform a veteran
  • $20 pays for an internet ad for a month to inform a veteran
  • $25 pays for half a press release to reach veterans across the country, or part of a website tool to support a veteran

Because ALL of our revenue comes from cash or in kind donations, sponsors allow us to reach out to at risk veterans. Those individuals and businesses able and willing to provide ongoing financial support and/or services are our life blood.

Please use the FORM, below, to contact us.

Volunteer/Sponsor Contact Form

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