FBI Complaint Against VA Managers

A veteran has filed a criminal complaint with the FBI Minneapolis Field Office alleging detailing a conspiracy by VA management to coverup patient care deficiencies, falsification of records, retaliation against the veteran by VA management for filing the complaint, and intimidating a witness.

The complaint was supported by correspondence to and from the VA along with hours of audio recordings of VA employees.  To date, the VA has not to disputed or denied any specifics detailed in the complaint despite being given many opportunities.

Veterans and VA whistle blowers willing to document and file criminal complaints addressing falsification of records and other crimes by VA managers are an important part of the solution to improving veteran care and reducing the number of veteran suicides.

Unfortunately, despite the systemic deficiencies in care provided veterans, efforts to retaliate and intimidate veterans who see their duty as helping other veterans in need suppress the number of complaints submitted to federal investigators. 

And each day this disgraceful cycle continues at least twenty veterans take their own lives.

Some FBI Field offices have prosecuted corrupt VA managers.  In 2015 a Georgia VA manager, Cathedral Henderson, was charged was 50 counts of “ordering his staff to falsify medical records of veterans waiting for outside medical care.”  Click HERE to learn more.  A new window will open.

You can make a difference!  Learn how by clicking HERE, or continue reading. A new page will open.

This is an easy to use form to send an email to FBI leadership encouraging them to conduct meaningful and thorough investigations of complaints, which allege abuse or neglect of a veteran, filed against VA managers.


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