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No one knows the military experience better than a veteran.  Let’s support our fellow vets by reading their efforts.

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Bubbleheads: The Med Run

Bubbleheads: The Med Run|Paperback

Irreverent dramedy about a nuclear submarine on a 1980s Mediterranean Run. Follow the exploits of John and Garret and the rest of the crew as they endure the isolation, challenges, and lost loves navigating the USS Lapon deep beneath the ocean.

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EM2(SS) Steven Brock served on the fast attack sub USS Lapon SSN661.

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Hell’s Guest

Hell’s Guest

Glenn D. Frazier’s autobiography, Hell’s Guest is one of the most compelling books ever written about the Bataan Death March.

The story of a young boy from Alabama who finds himself in the middle of war just months after joining the Army. Along with tens of thousands of other men, Glenn is forced to walk seventy miles without food or rest after U.S. forces surrender to Japan on the Bataan peninsula. Now a prisoner of war, Glenn finds himself imprisoned in Japan and forced into slave labor. Hell’s Guest takes you into the mind of a soldier who faces starvation, disease, and abuse at the hands of his captors on a daily basis. But even as he looks into the eyes of his executioner, Glenn manages to find hope. See how Glenn’s story can bring hope into your life today.

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