Arizona Senators And Member(s) Of Congress

Please take less than five minutes to contact and inform your elected representatives of your concern for care and welfare of our veterans. YOUR OPINION MATTERS, and it was our brave veterans who protected and defended your right to have and voice that opinion.

Arizona’s United States Senators are

Kyrsten Sinema
Martha McSally

Arizona’s Member(s) of Congress is/are (Click HERE to learn who is your Member of Congress, if necessary. A new page will open).

Tom O’HalleranAZ 01
Ann KirkpatrickAZ 02
Raul GrijalvaAZ 03
Paul GosarAZ 04
Andy BiggsAZ 05
David SchweikertAZ 06
Ruben GallegoAZ 07
Debbie LeskoAZ 08
Greg StantonAZ 09

Use the form, below, to send all three a prepared email encouraging them to begin taking the veteran suicide epidemic and crisis seriously, and support the MEDIVAC Act. To review the veteran suicide epidemic or the MEDIVAC Act, click on them and a new page will open.

You MUST enter your NAME, ZIP CODE, and REPRESENTATIVE’S NAME to be able to use the form. Your STREET ADDRESS and EMAIL ADDRESS are OPTIONAL.

Click SEND and your email is on the way.



Kyrsten Sinema

Martha McSally AZ

Martha McSally is a United States Air Force combat veteran, yet she has shown little courage in proposing or supporting meaningful legislation to end the Veteran Suicide Epidemic.  Senator McSally has yet to commit to the material provisions of the MEDIVAC Act.

For those reasons, Save The considers Martha McSally a HYPOCRITE on important veterans’ issues.

Send Martha McSally, and your other Arizona elected representatives, an email using the form, above, encouraging them to support veterans.


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